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Monday, July 25, 2011

I used to imagine Detroit smelled of coneys. Now I know better.

I don't have the energy to make much of an update. So, Hi.

I spent all day (starting at 9:30am!!!) starting in the first line to SIGN MY NAME and then sit down until my name was called. By the time I was able to sign up for classes, my one elective was full. And I didn't even pick it (the hell do I need Intro to Theater for when my major is PSYCHOLOGY???). So I'm just going to take either another psych class or Japanese. Because all the other fun classes are taken.

But, this was literally my day:

Wake up, feed the Little Chief.
Get into the van, drive to Detroit.
Get to the school, start in the line that snaked around the inside of the building.
10 minutes into line standing, the A/C in the building goes out.
Lots of complaining between myself and about 5 other people in line about how freaking long this is taking, and, really, can't SOME of this be done online?
Galen complaining, and Joe walking him around campus so I don't lose my place in line.
This is where I realize I left my wallet at home.
Sent Joe home to get it.
I FINALLY got to the part of the line that was cordoned off with rope.
I get to the desk, and SIGN MY NAME. It took 2 hours to get to this point.
Now, I get to go sit in the common area, which is also the area around which the line snakes.
At this point, it's almost noon. I figure, I'll be called soon. I was, but it was for financial aid. It is here I find out that they haven't even looked at the paperwork I submitted. 2 months ago. **Headdesk**
Go back, sit down.
Waste battery so Galen can watch Phineas and Ferb on my phone.
FINALLY get called to talk to my student advisor...
Who decides my classes for me, gives me the sidelong glances, and doesn't attempt to answer any of my questions.
Then, he sends me across the campus to have them input his decisions into the computer. One of my classes is full, I have to pick another.
At this point, it's almost 7pm. I joke with the people around me that most of the people I had talked to in the morning had already gone home. We all make jokes about the security guard who has decided that in order to be served, we need to play musical chairs.
After finding out my class is full, I ask if I can come back. Idea is a go, and I freaking leave.

Oh, and look at this. I fell asleep at the computer. Keyboardface!

Goodnight internet. I'll make something pretty tomorrow.

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