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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Around the back, the long way....

Yeah, the title didn't make sense when I typed it. Oh, well.

I am begrudgingly going back to using the USPS for shipping.

(Did you hear that? That was my pride. The last little bit of it, dying.)

After pricing things out online, and then getting a HUGELY different price in store, neither Fed Ex or UPS are viable options. Yesterday, I sent Joe to FedEx to ship what was QUOTED ONLINE as costing $12 all together to ship. IT COST $38. THIRTY EIGHT DOLLARS. To ship 3 hats and a ball of yarn.

UPS wasn't any better. A 6 oz. hat, sent from Detroit to Spring Arbor, MI cost me $10.00.

I can't afford this, and I can't make you guys just pay more for shipping. So, I'm going to have to go back to USPS. Besides the one screwup (and it was HUGE, do not think I'm minimalizing it AT ALL), I can ship Anything That Fits into a Priority bubble mailer for $5. And I can go back to offering free shipping for standard mailing. I've sent other items to family, friends, and customers, and not had anything go wrong since.

Do I think they'll screw up in the future? Of course!

Do I think they are going to continually gouge me on shipping? Nope. Their price is their price, and I can print out the labels right here, in my living room.

Did I learn my lesson about insurance, and am I gonna buy it every time? You bet your ass I'm gonna!

So, give me about an hour or so. No prices on any goods are changing. But, everything gets free standard shipping from now on. You want priority or express? I'll charge market price for it. I won't charge you extra, and, depending on what and how much you order, I'll give you a break on it.

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