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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alright, DDOT. Enough is Enough.

Ok, DDOT. I can handle a late bus once in a while. Actually, I can handle it when the bus is late on a regular basis, I just adjust my schedule accordingly. This is what normal bus riders do, in fact.
But today was literally the last straw. I left my house at 1:15pm to catch the 265 SMART bus east into Detroit, where I got off at the corner of Warren and Southfield.  From there, I normally catch the 46, headed north, to get to Wayne County Community College in time to make my 3:30pm class. Yes, I like to get there early. BUT, that's not the only reason I leave for school so early.
On a normal basis, the 46 headed north is at least 8 minutes late.  Sometimes, it's been 15-20 minutes late. All too often, a scheduled stop goes by, passes with no bus. The next bus comes, it's standard 8 minutes late.  This doesn't just happen today. I pretty much bank on it happening.
So, what DID happen today?  I got to my stop at 1:45pm. There were two women and an infant who had been waiting at the stop for 15 minutes. The 1:46pm bus never showed up.  Neither did the 2:23pm. Or the 3:03pm. Or the 3:43pm. Or the 4:23pm. That's FIVE SCHEDULED STOPS THAT NEVER HAPPENED.
I checked the DDOT site, and while there is a note about extra stops during the mid-afternoon to pick up students from Cody High (which is a GREAT thing, btw), nothing about completely skipping the stop at Warren and Southfield.
I depend on your bus to get me to school. Note, I didn't say on time. I just depend on your bus to get me there. I leave early to get there, not depending on your drivers to be on time, because it's my responsibility to be on time, not yours. I DO expect them to show up to the stop.
I'm publishing this. I am going to write letters to as many officials who have anything to do with DDOT as possible. I have the phone numbers to call and bug officials who deal with DDOT.

This is me venting my frustration, but this won't be the only thing I do.

Jeni Burns

*to my regular readers: Sorry for the rant. I'll be back to regular craftiness soon!!