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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where I've been, and where I am now...

The past few months have been...well, they've been scary.  
We still don't have a permanent place to live. We DO have a temporary, long-term place staying with my In-law's in their spare bedroom.  
We still don't have a vehicle. My father-in-law drops me off at the bus stop and I ride the bus to school for 1 class, 4 days per week (I dropped down to 2 classes).  
We found out, thanks to a trip and fall I had, we found out that we're expecting #3 sometime in April.  Blessing in disguise, perhaps, but I'm not viewing this in the negative.
We also realized that my husband's unemployment will run out around the same time.  So, we've definitely got a timeline, and still aren't getting any calls back on jobs we've applied for.
I've had a LOT of wonderful support from friends, and I can't thank you guys enough.  Seriously.  

I've also kept taking orders during this time.  Most have made it to their destinations.  I've STILL had problems with shipping, and I am SO FRUSTRATED by that.  I don't ship enough to have this many problems.  I feel like the only way to make sure everyone gets what they ordered I have to frakking hand deliver every GD package myself.  I've tried EVERY SINGLE shipping company that I can find around here.  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has lost packages.  *sigh*

And, on top of this...I can't load my facebook page for Sugarbomb Designs.  I haven't been able to load it for 2 weeks.  So, the only way I can post is via twitter (@SugarBombHooker).  THIS IS BEYOND FRUSTRATING.  I know it's there.  Other people are getting into it.  I've got screenshots!  So, facebook has been contacted, let's see what happens. *sigh*

So, in short, I know where I am now.  Kind of between a rock and a hard place.  I REALLY wanted to make this a successful venture.  I created this venture because there were no jobs in my area.  There are still no jobs that will hire me, now that I'm pregnant. (yes, GM and Ford are hiring.  Line work.  They're not going to hire someone who has to take maternity leave in less than a year when they can hire someone else.  And, yes, Joe has applied there, too.)

Hopefully, school will help, at least on my end.  I'm going for Computer Programming (AS), and there are a lot of open jobs in that market in the area.  In the meantime...I'm just doing everything I can to move everything in my life forward. Because I'm tired of being dependent simply because I don't have that magic piece of paper (for customer service!!) or because I'm overqualified (TO WORK AT TACO BELL????).  

Maybe next week, I'll have a brighter story for you guys.  Or, at least I can open my Facebook Like Page.  Until then....know that I appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.