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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crafting from afar...

Today is the day our craft group gets together, and I'm not there. It was supposed to be here, but a whole host of things went wrong.
Anyway, Galen's got a fever, so I'm here. I had been working on finishing the cosplay hat pattern, but, well...yeah. Crocheting the same rounds over and over is beyond boring. So, I changed it up a little.

Here is Baby Wrap 1. 24", square, and freaking soft as bunny fur. Ok, so it IS Angora. Which is combed rabbit fur (usually gathered in the same humane way wool is).
This is about half the size it's going to be. Which means, I need to put the phone down, pick up the hook and yarn, and get back to "I Saw The Devil", because I couldn't handle "Insidious". Feel free to laugh.

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