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Friday, July 1, 2011

I maded a yarn. Let me show you it.

Here they are!

I am, seriously, so in love with dyeing the yarn I have. Well, granted it's all wool, but, is SO yummy smelling in my house right now! Strawberries! Pineapples!! LANOLIN!!!

Ok, so that was a bit much and kind of creepy. Maybe.

2 new things.

I have lots of stash to rid myself of (seriously), so there will be dolls coming soon, and one that I've been wanting to make in some art form or another for pretty much 2 years. Well, since I was pregnant with Galen. And he's 1. So that will happen. :)

But, back to the yarning that is happening in my kitchen As. We. Speak.

I have a lot of wool that has needed to be dyed for going on 6 months now, so that is going to be dyed, and all proceeds are sadly (for me) going to pay back the 12 or so people who still need to be paid back.

I've gotten a few angry notes from people about not being paid back. I'm not doing it on purpose. There are people who have been paid back, and those who are still waiting. To those who have been understanding, I truly thank you. You have no idea how much I appreciate you.

To those who like nothing more than to post rude things to the wall of my facebook page or send rude emails....

This is going to be mean for a second. You are out $30, max. Multiply that by 12. That's how much I have LEFT to raise to pay people off. You may not be first in line. You may be behind 2 people. In the place I live (Detroit) right now, getting a new job isn't as easy as it was 5 years ago. They want bachelor's degrees now to hire you as an assistant manager at McDonald's. Even if you've been an assistant manager before. I've tried getting jobs pretty much everywhere, and so has my husband (the only one pulling in actual unemployment). I have gotten us behind in bills, to the point of getting utilities cut off. Unless I get a refund by the USPS (which would be laughable) or Coates and Clark (for MY order of $400 that never materialized), we're all playing a waiting game. It's not like I'm selling like gangbusters. I've had ONE sale in the last 60 days. I'm pushing wares to MAYBE get a sale or two to pay you guys back faster than waiting for my husband's unemployment to get here. (Of which he was cut off for 2 pay periods due to having to refile).
I'm not dicking you over. I just have nothing else left. Unless you want to take product in exchange for the products you didn't get. If you're interested, email me at and I'll make you a deal.

in other news, I'm on Twitter.

So, now, all product previews will go there, instead of clogging my friends' feed up with yarning. Which I do a lot. And, it'll be easier to keep you guys up to date on the random things I do, because I've hooked it up to the facebook page :)

I am headed back into the kitchen. Some yarn needs to be hung up to dry, and some more yarn needs to go into the pot. Hot pink! Orange! Green!! Denim Blue!!!! LOVE.

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