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Friday, June 10, 2011

Questions and Answers :)

Ok, since I've gotten questions on facebook, twitter, email, and other places, here we go!

Q: Are you ever opening your store again?
A: Well, my artfire store never closed. I throw things up on eBay once in a while. My new store on Big Cartel will be opening, officially, on June 13, 2011.

Q: Are you caught up with refunds?
A: No. And, I can't just wait for my husband's paycheck to come in every two weeks so I can pay 2 people back. So, I'm being pro-active, and re-opening my store. Some people won't agree with this action. I can't do anything to make you feel better about it, honestly. I made no action to actively screw anyone over. I still haven't been refunded by the USPS, and, quite frankly, they play a great game of phone tag. Not to mention that $400 worth of yarn is floating about in the ether, and Coates and Clark is of the "Well, we sent it, once it leaves our warehouse, we're not responsible" mindset, so I won't be getting THAT refund (or using Red Heart yarn for anything anymore!)

Q: Will you ever offer the bunny bundle again?
A: Maybe. I'm very burnt out on everything yarny and bunny-y. Only that combination, though. My real-life pet bunnies like it that they're currently the only bunns in my life. If you crochet, you can get the pattern at Ravelry.

Q: Any new designs?
A: Yup. Some kids, some grown up, some for both, most even wearable!

Q: Gonna show us?
A: Nope :P

Q: Secrets don't make friends!
A: That's not a question!!

Q: Will you be selling anywhere that has a physical presence?
A: I'm hoping for my app to the Redford Farmer's Market to be approved (read: The Check Cleared), and I'll be there every Sunday :) I'll see how that pans out :)

Q: I live less than 20 miles from you. Can you deliver to me?
A: No, because, sometimes, that can cost more than shipping, just in gas. However, I am so totally down with meeting maybe halfway or even having you drop by the neighborhood. Meet for coffee? Sure! It's on me ;) I <3 meeting cool new people.

Q: Can you make "X" that this other crafter makes?
A: It all depends.
If there's a pattern available, and gives re-sell rights, sure.
If it's an original design, and there's no pattern, probably not, especially if it's super unique.

Q: Are you going to make anything besides hats?
A: Yes. Lots. :) For instance, I'm going to be hand-dyeing yarn. A LOT of yarn. I'm also learning to felt, and there will be stuffed toys and blankets and shawls and....well, you'll see :)

For now, that's pretty much it.

So, I'll leave you with this:

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