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Monday, January 17, 2011

New Blog for a fresh start!

I've been working pretty hard the past few weeks on updating my work so it's more unique, and less of what everyone else is selling. I've gotten some really cool ideas from friends, and have even decided to pick up and restart some projects that have fallen by the wayside.

So, here are a few things that I've got to show for right now. Stay tuned for more fun :)

Here's Galen modeling his cute little Heartbreaker Hat
(Available at Artfire AND Etsy) He's an adorable, but not wholly cooperative, fashion model. :)

I had this idea for a Mother/Daughter hat combo...but, I don't have a daughter. So, instead, I tried to get Galen to model it. No dice. I couldn't get a good picture of him in it...and, no matter how many people say "He's so beautiful, he could be a little girl!", it doesn't make it so. As a matter of fact, he could NOT be a girl. He's very much a boy. Much to my modelling chagrin. I'm going to have to assume someone else's daughter as a model, LOL.

I don't have anyone modelling this because...well, I didn't have a head available, and my sinuses have me looking like something from a 70's B-Movie. Which would be awesome, if this were Halloween. Unfortunately, it's January, so no such luck. This IS, however, superfantastic warm, and very cozy. I've had a few wool hats in my time, and I HATE how itchy they are. By using wool roving (usually used for felting) instead of spun and plied wool, I got to keep a lot of that softness. Plus, it's SUPER easy to put accessories on it, and, once I start selling again, I'm going to sell some with accessories right on them :)

Well, that's all for now. I'll try to keep this updated, at least more than a little. :)

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